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Martial Arts exist in Japan

Which martial arts exist in Japan? I research about that question.Link is basically which martial art's most authoritative Commission or Federation or Dojo.I plan to write about different list about kick boxing and Muay Thai lately.

All Japan Judo Federation

Kodokan's Jigoro Kano's statue

Kosen Judo
It's Judo but focus on grappling.Watch wikipedia for rule.
Wikipedia Kosen Judo

Shichitei Judo (Seven imperial university's Judo)
Yuki Nakai and Shiko Yamashita have this martial arts back ground.
It's only hold at imperial university (Wikipedia (Seven imperial university)).All 7 imperial university in Japan have shichitei judo club.It's focus on grappling like Kosen Judo but difference is no "Mate (Wait)" call so just people can focus on grappling.Shichitei Judo's game hold by each school's team.So there is type of player just beat and next guy to guy,or just aim draw.When Team beat other team's 15 people,game is over.This concept make grow each competitors specialty.One fighter just aim finishes and other just aim defence for draw.

Youtube Shichitei Judo (Japanese)

At Japanese wikipedia Yuki Nakai import "stop don't move" concept to mma from Shichitei Judo.I have no source except wikipedia so I just give reference.Youtube video have "stop don't move" scene.

Japan Karatedo Federation


Shotokan Headquaters




Kyokushin Kaikan Headquaters


Seido Kaikan Headquarters

Daidojuku (Wajyutsu Keisyukai's roots)

Daidojuku Headquarters

Japan Sambo Federation

Jiu-Jitsu Federation Of Japan (head Rickson Gracie)

Axis Jiujitsu Academy Chiba (One of Rickson Gracie Jiujitsu affiliate Gym)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Of Japan (head Yuki Nakai)

ADCC Japan

Japan Wrestling Federation

Japan Boxing Commission

Nippon Kenpo

Isamu Sugiuchi and Yoshifumi Dogaki have this martial arts back ground.
Nippon Kenpokai official

Wikipedia Nippon Kenpo

Nihon Sumo Kyokai (Pro)

Japan Sumo Federation (Amateur)

Aikiai Foundation

All Japan Kendo Federation

Shorinji Kempo
Pancrase's Yuki Kondo and Miki Shida have this martial arts back ground.
Shorinji Kempo Organization

Wikipedia Shorinji Kempo

Japanese Self Defense Army Martial Arts

Combination of Nippon Kenpo and Aikido

Capoeira Angola Center Japao

Japan KURASH Federation

Wikipedia Kurash

Japan Pencak Silat Association

Wikipedia Silat

Taekwondo world org is separated by political reason.
I have no idea how many org exist in Japan.
International Taekwon-do Federation Japan

Japan Taekwondo Association


Masato Fujiwara,Takumi Yano,Takefumi Hanai and Takeharu Murahama have this martial arts back ground.
Nihon Koppo Budo Association Official

My article about Koppo

SKILL MMA's Japanese Martial Arts Gym or Venue photo series

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