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Some considerations and rules

Often, people associate the Vale tudo a fight without rules, or illegal gambling fights. This concept is far from reality. If we stick to full history of Vale tudo, has only been two deaths to mourn. If we compare this with the king of contact sports, boxing for example, where we have over 1000 documented deaths in just over 100 years of history of it, but it is also true that very many more boxing fights per year.

That account is not used 10 for the KO, but immediately decreed, has managed to significantly reduce brain damage that wrestlers can suffer, leaving it well below other forms of combat, like boxing or kickboxing, where a fighter can suffer up to three KOs in a single assault.

Using mitts light (4 ounces), it takes just stuck to the punches, and it does not allow fighters to use the mitts to block or deflect the blows better, as it happens in sports that use boxing gloves (which act like little shields.) Furthermore, by not removing almost touching, it takes fewer shots to knock out anyone, so that the brain damage in the long run is much lower.