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Influence of Vale tudo

Vale tudo The concept has been adapted in different ways in different places. Thus arise various events and tournaments, taking into account the safety of the fighters, somewhat limited action in the ring. Thus, in some events can not kick the fallen rival, in others not allowed to use elbows in the face, knocking her knees if your opponent is on the floor, etc.
Vale tudo definitely has evolved out of this environment-defying sport to fully enter into the sports-entertainment. Currently there are two big events the Ultimate Fighting Championship, held in the U.S. and the PRIDE Fighting Championships to be held in Japan, although there are over 400 documented events across the globe. It is in this last country where the Vale tudo enjoys greater popularity, having eclipsed the other of the sports most popular. These 2 competitions have scrapped the original concept and the very term "vale tudo", by the mixed martial arts or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts and Mixed Martial Arts), the evolution of the sports spectacle that was the "vale tudo" taking today a serious regulation to protect the integrity of the contenders, and weight classes and time limits on rounds, making today's Vale tudo a contact sport like any other, and gaining adherents every day because of the intensity from fighting.