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The Vale Todo born in Brazil and organized form of challenges to demonstrate the superiority of Jiu-jitsu against the various disciplines. This type of confrontation emerged to face fighters from different disciplines in a battle as realistic as possible. Thus in the fighting were allowed to strike with hands (open or closed), legs, elbows, knees and head, throwing the opponent to the ground in any way, and apply any leverage to the extremities or strangulation.
The wrestler should be able to handle a virtually unlimited number of circumstances where an activity of enormous physical demand. This makes Vale tudo fighters are seen as being very full in the panorama of the martial arts and contact sports.
Later in 1993, a company, SEG SPORTS, organized in the U.S. Vale Todo tournament, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) under the slogan "anything goes" that is, anything goes, no weight limit, time, and with minimal rules, in order to demonstrate what is most effective martial art.
Another innovation was the change of space combat, boxing ring used in Brazil became an octagonal cage, much bigger, which has become a symbol of the organization.
In the early UFC events the fighters had to fight several times on the same day to win the tournament. Until there came several fighters from different disciplines: Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Sambo, Judo, Sumo, Ninjutsu, etc. ..
In the first 4 UFC tournaments involving a family member Gracie, Royce, which already had considerable experience with such challenges in Brazil. Royce Gracie gets beat all their opponents, almost always heavier than him, knocking them down and making them leave with dislocations or bottlenecks. Won three of the first 4 UFC since UFC 3 was retired after his first fight against Kimo Leopoldo), despite having won with an armbar, due to exhaustion. The match was very hard and intense high, Kimo was much more muscular and heavier than Royce.
Other great champions in UFC at that time was Dan Severn (Wrestling), Oleg Taktarov (Sambo), Mark Coleman (wrestling) and Marco Ruas (Ruas Vale Tudo), among others.
UFC Besides, several international organizations Vale Todo organized events such as International Vale Tudo Championship, based in Brazil, which held events from 1996 to 2002, the last organization that held the original regulations Vale Todo. Great champions such as Vanderlei Silva MMA or Jesus Dominguez began competing in the rings of IVC.
Another famous organization was World Vale Tudo Championship, also Brazilian, who also wore a cage and allowed the fighters to choose whether or not they wanted to use mitts. Champions of the likes of Igor Vovchanchyn competed regularly there.
Less well known but high level was International Absolute Fighting Championship, Russia, where great fighters released.
Together with these organizations were significantly more, many of them of a good standard