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SKILL MMA want English editor

(Thanks for apply for English editing. We have English Editor now.But in future,if people leave from Editing Job I will accept new people who apply. So still I will apply editing.But you need sure I can't work with you immediately.)

SKILL MMA run by myself and sometime get help from Jordan Breen.That work really well.But I want edit my old work as better English.Jordan is basically busy so I want another people to make him work less (At new writing, I think I want get help from him though.).I can't pay money for work,but if you help this web and finish editing every old works web with quality,I will credit you as English editor and send you Japanese some MMA collectable(like pamphlet).I'm sure you can't get those thing at abroad.

I want quality as a work (I'm probably severe about it.Because I get help from professional daily.).So I want test translation quality.If you interest it, please send me as a mail of better English editing version of link below.It's famous Japanese MMA story.

Cult Martial Arts In MMA

Warning:I can't pay anything from English editing and this testing.I just say if I apply many of your English editing work to SKILL MMA,then I can give some my collectable.


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