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Artur Kyshenko to fight Mootje Khamal at K1 World MAX 2010 in Seoul

The latest buzz is that Artur Kyshenko will fight Mootje (Mohammed) Khamal at the K1 World MAX 2010 in Seoul on Sunday, October 3rd 2010.  This promises to be a good fight as Khamal is a young and hungry fighter. He's undoubtedly going to give it his all so he can get a shot at the big time in K1. Artur will have his work cut out for him so let's hope his training goes well and he can come in at 100%

Here are a few videos of Mootje Khamal so you have a better idea of what kind of fighter he is and what we can expect.

UPDATE: Click the link for the video and analysis of Artur Kyshenko vs. Mohammed "Mootje" Khamal.  

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