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Artur Kyshenko v. Marcus Oberg on November 27, 2010 at K-1 Scandinavia

Artur Kyshenko will fight Marcus Oberg on November 27th 2010 at the K-1 Scandinavia event in Stockholm Sweden. The fight will be at super-middleweight, meaning -72,5 Kg. For more info on the event, go here.
Here's the promoclip:

Artur needs a big win to show he's still a contender after being on a losing streak this year. Whereas he needs to be at 70Kg for K-1 and is probably having a hard time making weight, at -72,5Kg, he should be more comfortable and have a lot more endurance.
If he trains well, I think we can expect Kyshenko to be in great shape for this upcoming fight. At the very least, the little bit of extra weight should be a test case for Artur to see if -70Kg. is no longer the weight class for him.

Marcus Oberg isn't a bad fighter but Kyshenko should be able to handle him. Oberg has only 7 KOs out of about 35 fights. Which means he isn't a hard-hitting fighter. Kyshenko on the other hand has plenty of power when he's in shape and he knows how to take a punch. So on paper, he should be able to dominate Oberg from start to finish.

The only wild card is range. Oberg is a tall guy and Kyshenko hasn't fought that many guys his own height. This could prove more difficult for Artur than he anticipates. Especially if Oberg uses his reach well.

Be that as it may, if Artur's training goes well and the extra weight is all he needed to get back into top shape, Marcus will not last the full three rounds...

UPDATE: Check out the video of this fight.

Here are some videos of Marcus Oberg in action:

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