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Artur Kyshenko vs. Mohammed "Mootje" Khamal - Post-fight interview

This is the post-fight interview after the Artur Kyshenko vs. Mohammed "Mootje" Khamal fight.

Here is a quick translation provided by somebody on Youtube (so I don't know how accurate it is):

Q1: What do you think about this fight?
A1: I think I have won. And I think judges wrongly gave victory to other guy. And I can't understand why how judges give the points. May be I have lost in first round, but I am sure I have won 2nd and 3rd one

Q2: I see the injuries at your face and your leg. When did you get these damages?
A2: I didn't get any damage but moral damage since I didn't win. And every fighter has some scratches or minor wounds after fight. You are asking such a questions, but it's impossible to get outside of the ring without wounds. Every fighter has it.

Q3: You have lost at the end of this year. And this year has ended. What do you think about it?
A3: I think I have more fights ahead. Of course this is not the best ending of the year. But this is life, I don't agree with that decision, and ... I don't know we will probably apply appeal. I will add one more thing - I don't think I have lost this fight.

Q4: I know in the June of this year there was I fight in Japan where you have also lost. Have that fail affected this fight?
A4: No, there is no relation at all.

Q5: Now I support you and we expect you to win your next fight.
A5: Thanks... I want people to explain rules, how do they count the points. For punches, kicks or for knee kicks?? At current moment I can't understand already how they count the points! For moving forward or for retreating? For hand punches or for kicks? I really don't understand how do they calculate the points! I want them to explain more detailed, let them watch video fight once again at home and make another decision...

A5: I would like to add one more thing - since they forbid clinches, let them forbid to use head since I got second face injury because of that. Let them take some measures to prevent fighters to avoid dangerous head movements. They strike with the head too often.

If you want to know why Artur, read below...
Artur looked very disappointed indeed, just look at his face. If he really thought he had won the fight, then that's understandable. But I'm pretty sure he'll reconsider once he views the footage at home. The third round is perhaps a closer call than some would like but you can't really say Artur is the clear winner in that one. Khamal outworked him, plain and simple. Go here for more fight analysis.

Kyshenko is a great fighter but he needs to work on a couple of things to do better in today's K1:
  • Work on his stamina. He needs to be able to go 3 rounds at full speed and power. That certainly wasn't the case against Khamal. 
  • Develop stopping power. Especially in the first round, he spent too much time doing his beloved "stick and move" number. He needs to get back to bone-crushing punches and kicks that give his opponents a reason to not just storm forward and rush him.
  • Work on his combinations. He has both the speed, timing and technique to throw monster-combinations if he wants to. Combos are part and parcel of the K1 MAX game, Kyshenko should know that by now as he used them well enough in the past. Then again, longer combinations require great conditioning and he doesn't seem to have that worked out well enough these days. 
Here's hoping Artur gets these things sorted out and he can come back to claim what his within the reach of such a talented fighter: the K1 Max crown. 

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