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Documentary on Marcus Oberg, Artur Kyshenko's opponent on November 27, 2010 at K-1 Scandinavia

As you know, Artur Kyshenko will fight Marcus Oberg on November 27th 2010 at the K-1 Scandinavia event in Stockholm Sweden. The promoter just released a 15min. documentary on his opponent, Marcus Oberg.
Unfortunately, it's in Swedish and there are no subtitles. But if you'd like to see how Oberg does in training, there are several scenes showing his work in the gym.

From the way it looks, Marcus means business and is taking this fight pretty damn seriously. So Artur better come prepared. That said, as Kyshenko is training at Mike's Gym in The Netherlands now, it'll be interesting to see how his fighting-style will evolve under a new coach.

  • Artur wasn't doing all that great this year. He desperately needed to shake up his training. So moving to another gym is probably a good idea.
  • Rumor has it Kyshenko hasn't decided to stay at Mike's Gym just yet though. Apparently, he's trying out different gyms and coaches to see where he would fit the best. That's smart.
  • That said, Mike Passenier has a proven track record in training K-1 fighters so it sounds like a safe bet.
  • Kyshenko's traditional Muay Thai style isn't working for him anymore in K-1 like it did before. Like all sports, K-1 is constantly evolving. Pure muay Thai is no longer the best fit for that venue and the Dutch fighters and coaches have known this for a long time. They train specifically for K-1 and that's exactly what Artur needs right now. 
  • There will be plenty of high-level sparring partners for Kyshenko to train with. I think that's a key factor in turning things around for him. He needs people who challenge him every day and teach him new ways of using his incredible talent. 


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