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Artur Kyshenko vs. Gago Drago on the 6th of March 2011 at It's Showtime

This just in:
"It's Showtime" is hosting it's next big event on March 6th of 2011 in Amsterdam. Artur Kyshenko will face Gago Drago for the first time at that event. If you don't know who Drago is, here's a clip:


Drago is a bit of a wild card. He can do great things and he can mess things up in an equally great way. For a long time, he was all about aggression and forward pressure. It seemed he didn't know any other direction than going forward. Taking the offensive is of course very important but not at the detriment of other strategies. And that's where Gago often ran into trouble against good fighters. If you look at his fight record, you'll notice he has almost as many losses as he has wins in the last few years. To give him credit, it seems he's becoming more well-rounded lately, which makes him even more unpredictable.

His greatest assets are tremendous fighting spirit and physical fitness. He just doesn't give up. You have to knock him out to stop the guy or he'll just keep coming at you.

Given that Artur's fitness is still unsure, this could prove to be the key to the match. If Drago can keep the pressure up from start to finish, the Kyshenko we've seen in most fights this year will not be able to hold on. But if Artur improves upon his endurance as he already demonstrated against Ölberg, he has a good chance of winning. Especially if he keeps up the way he used his power shots in that fight.

Knocking out Gago is probably going to be difficult. So unless he gets in a perfect shot (like his amazing left hook) Kyshenko probably wins on points.

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