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Artur Kyshenko vS. Gago Drago promoclip

It's Showtime just released the promoclip for their event in Amsterdam on March 6th. As you know, Artur will fight Gago Drago there. Here's the clip:

Looking at the fight card, you can see this is another 70Kg fight for Artur. This means he'll have to cut weight again, which could prove to be problematic:
 Kyshenko fought reasonably well  at -72.5Kg against Öberg, better than in his previous fights. He looked a little soft in that fight, so the extra couple pounds probably helped. If he has to cut weight hard to get below 70Kg. he might come in lacking stamina again.
When you go up against Drago, that's not a good thing. Drago has a tremendous work ethic in the ring: he may not have the biggest punch but he keeps on working from the first second until the final bell sounds.
Check out his latest fight against Yavuz Kabayashi on December 11s:

He eats a full knee in the last round, just gets back up and works hard.

Kyshenko needs to be in great shape to avoid getting steamrolled by Gago. Given that his conditioning has been problematic this year, it'll be interesting to see if he can pull it off at -70Kg.


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